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SSH access to the server that hosts my website has been down for a bit, which means I can't update it, but I did upload a bunch of things before that happened, and HTTP access is up, so you can still read/listen to them — you just won't find them on my songs index page.

Let's start with some new recordings of old songs...

Red Wings (mp3) puts lyrics to the scene, and musical theme, that introduce the story of Final Fantasy IV. I wrote this song a long time ago, but it was only quite recently that I finally worked out the chords to the bridge to my satisfaction. This recording is much better than the old one.

The Code of the Goddess (mp3) is a pagan paean to software development. The lyrics have been slightly tweaked from the original version.

Dragon for Sale (mp3) is probably my first filksong that was consciously written as such, almost 19 years ago. It's the kind of song that can take an indefinite number of verses, and by the time I sat down to record it I had too many to use them all, so I divided them into a "sillier" version and a "more serious" version (still pretty silly). The 2016 edition brings them back together, with the verses from the old "sillier" version and the choruses from the "more serious" one, making for (I think) a stronger song overall.

And now for some new songs...

Timelord of Gallifrey (mp3) started with the observation that "of Gallifrey" sounds a lot like McGillavry. I'm not the only person to have noticed this, but the resulting songs are very different in both content and tone — Marc and Devo's song approaches the Doctor through his relationships with his companions, while mine is more about his aloneness in the aftermath of the Time War.

Tamari (mp3) is a song about soy sauce that has been brewing for a long time, and is finally ready.

Professor Jones (mp3) is my take on the Indiana Jones theme, told from the perspective of a graduate student who accidentally stumbles upon Dr. Jones's other life.

Operation Moonshine (mp3) is a song set in the world of my musical Walk in the Day, and which will probably be part of the revised edition of the play if/when that happens. It is, like Tom's song of which it is a parody, about the many tricks up the sleeve tool-belt of a certain feisty desert omnivore — except that, unlike Wile E. Coyote, Lady Moon always wins.

In the Beyond (mp3) is another song about A Fire Upon the Deep. In this song, the Skroderider Blueshell is encouraging Pham Nuwen to consider the wonders of the Beyond (a Zone where you have access to nearly-magical technology) and the dangers of the Transcend (a Zone where more-than-magical technology has access to you). So why is all the marine imagery from the original song still in there? Because Skroderiders are basically sentient cybernetic sea-pens.

Flirting with Trees (mp3), a song about a human's romantic dalliances with the plant kingdom, is not autobiographical at all, no it's not.

You Are Not Alone (mp3) is based on a theme, and scene, from Final Fantasy IX, a game I have not actually played. In that scene, the game's protagonist is having an identity breakdown, and his friends are encouraging him to pull through, all while he is trying to brush them off and they are all fighting off an onslaught of fantasy monsters (like you do). A friend played me the original track and explained what that scene had meant to them, and I've been meaning to do something with it ever since.


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